Signs That She Is Into You

Signs That She Is Into You

You’ve had your eye on a gorgeous, smart and interesting young woman but you just can’t tell whether she likes you back! There are some basic signals that all women, even the most reserved of us, will send out…and often without even meaning to. By knowing what to look for, you may be able to get a better “reading” of whether she’s interested in you.

Eye Contact

Most women are better at this game than men so you have to catch her at the perfect moment. When men are interested in a woman, they will often gawk at her until she looks over. Women are way more subtle in this area. Women will generally find a couple places in their conversation to break away to take a quick look at you and then turn right back around to continue their conversation. If you catch her in one of these moments, and she’s looking at you and not passed or through you, she may be into you.

Body Language

Regardless of how shy or outgoing a person is, the telltale signs of romantic interest can pretty much always be seen in their body language. (This one goes for both men and women).

If a woman is interested in you, she may cross her legs with her toe pointing in your direction. If you’re standing in a group, you may notice that either her body is facing you, or that one or both of her feet are pointed towards you. All of these can be subconscious signs that can mean she would like to move in your direction.

When the opportunity presents itself, she may also stand or sit as near to you as possible. Proximity, in body language, is often interpreted as a gauge of how close to you someone may potentially feel.

Other signs of attraction that women may show include shyness or nervousness when you’re near them, playing with their hair, their jewelry, or accessories; tugging at their clothes, or rubbing their arms, legs or necks.

Her Interest

Not many women are going to care about the Giants game, that it’s deer season once again, or get pumped that the big sale at the Home Depot is finally here. So if your dream girl initiates conversation with you, especially about something you doubt she would ever really be interested in or that she may think or know that you care about, you can bet that it’s a good sign she’s into you.

Subtle Comments

Also, “Wanna go out?” is so eighth grade! If the girl you’re crushing on asks you to go to the art museum, some great new Japanese place that just opened, or if you talk about your interests and she says, “Hey! Why don’t we go to…”, she is probably asking you out in the most no strings attached way she can.

Article by: Pauline Little

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