Nice Guys Finish Last

Nice Guys Finish Last

Life has never been easy for the nice guy. His life consists of giving of his time and efforts only to receive very little in return; unless you believe self-satisfaction and the label “nice guy” is sufficient compensation. He’s there for you when you need help moving, when you can’t seem to get your computer to work, and when you need to be at the airport at 5:00 am. He’s dependable, appreciated, and well liked. Sounds like a great “friend” to have.

In the nice guy’s world, he’s Superman and he lives in a world of evil. His world consists of jerks, players, domestic violence offenders, and mental abusers. A nice guy can detect a woman in distress from 20 miles away and when a woman is being troubled by an evil doer, the nice guy is right there to save the day. He doesn’t pack a walloping punch and he doesn’t have super powers but what he does have is the time and the self-generated need to help you through the process of moving on. His gift consists of convincing you that you’re special, worthy, and deserving of so much more than what your current or ex-man is providing you.

Although the nice guy achieves great success, his dilemma is that the same powers that enable him to succeed, happen to be the same powers that force him to fail. In most aspects of life, the nice guy does things out of the kindness of his heart, but when it comes to a beautiful woman, the nice guy has a motive. As he is comforting a damsel in distress, he is thinking that he would be so
much better for her than the guy that did her wrong. Plus, with her being such a wonderful and beautiful woman, she deserves a good guy like him. If the nice guy only knew that all the right he was doing was actually wrong.

Logic tells us that it shouldn’t true and most of us don’t want to believe it, but the truth of the matter is that most women DO NOT like nice guys. They will tell men that they do, but their actions prove that they don’t. The proof not only comes in a woman’s actions but also in what women say. I tried to set up a lady friend of mine with a guy that I knew. After their date, I called and asked her, “So what did you think? Did you like him?” Her response was, “Well…, he’s nice.” Once I heard the word nice, I knew it was a foregone conclusion that they would not be going out for a second time.

A nice guy to a woman is a service station that’s in route to her next destination. When a woman needs her self-esteem refilled, her beauty level checked, and her ego waxed and shined, she goes to see the nice guy in her life. When all the maintenance has been completed, she goes on her merry way, never giving a second thought that maybe the time and
effort the nice guy paid to her was for a reason.

Women simply do not like nice guys. Nice guys are too available, too eager to please, and simply too nice. When you think about the things that you desire in life, they’re attainable, but it will take a lot of work to obtain them. A woman doesn’t have to put in extra effort for a nice guy to want her or to be kind to her, because a nice guy already has it covered. There’s no challenge involved because the nice guy is always available. Why would any woman desire someone that takes no effort to obtain?

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