How To Make Her Notice You

How To Make Her Notice You

A lot of relationships never get a chance to begin because women don’t notice every single man. A lot of men think they have to look like Brad Pitt or drive a high priced vehicle to get women to notice them, but that isn’t true at all. Not all men are exceptionally good looking, and most men aren’t incredibly wealthy, but there are still guys out there that get women to notice them. Just ask their wives or girlfriends. Here are a few tips to get women to notice you so you can jump into that new relationship.

Avoid the Friend Zone

This is probably the number one rule for pursuing any kind of romantic relationship. Avoid the friend zone like a murder scene. You shouldn’t go within a 10-mile radius of it. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit, but it’s important advice. Once you’re in the friend zone, it’s hard to get out, and even if you do, it might be hard for her to take you seriously. So take steps from the beginning to avoid the friend trap. Be sweet, do her favors, but don’t cater to her every little need. We do like it when men are thoughtful, but if you go overboard she will never notice you in the way you want her to. You might get the, “sweet guy friend who is always there for her” status, but you will never get to touch her.

Look Good

I won’t lie here. Exceptionally good-looking men get more looks from women, but you don’t have to be genetically blessed to get women to notice you. You do have to care about your appearance though. Get a haircut, shave, and get rid of the sweat pants. Sloppiness is not attractive. Looking put together (and having good hygiene) is a sure way to get a second look. And of course, put a smile on your face. Smiles make everyone more approachable and can increase your attractiveness.

Be Confident

Women are naturally attracted to confident men. If you want her to notice you, you can’t be shy. Get rid of your nerves and just go up and talk to her. Flirt with her. Don’t stress if you aren’t a naturally confident person. Confidence is definitely something that can be learned, and it’s worth learning.

Make Her Laugh

This one should be a no brainer. We’ve all seen those schlubby comedians who marry women way out of their leagues. Women notice men who make them laugh. For a lot of women laughter is the key to their heart. You don’t have to be Chris Rock funny to get her to notice you; just be yourself. A guy who can be funny in an engaging conversation is sure to get noticed. Of course, don’t make a fool out of yourself just to get a little laughter. You want her to laugh with you, not at you.

Don’t Try too Hard
If you want a woman to notice you, you really can’t try too hard. A man that tries too hard comes off as a man who is too needy for attention, and that is not an attractive quality to have. If you are trying too hard, trust me, she’ll notice and then she will know that she can play hard to get with you. She’ll have you in the palm of her hands which isn’t the best position for you to be in. Ideally, you want her to be trying to get your attention, not the other way around.

That’s it. Most of these things aren’t that hard to do and they’ll make you stand out from all the other guys who aren’t trying. So get out there and get noticed

Contributed by: Patrica Corey

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